Health and Safety Policy

Health and Safety Policy Statement

There is a legal and moral duty to ensure that the Community Council provide a safe and healthy working environment for its employees and to manage the risks to those affected by its operations.

General Statement of Policy for Health and Safety
It is the responsibility of the Proper Officer of the Council that the Policy is fully implemented, regularly reviewed and communicated.

The Council recognises that health and safety, as with other management responsibilities, has to be managed successfully at all levels. This contributes to the Council’s overall performance by preserving and developing human and physical resources. It also reduces costs and liabilities and is an expression of responsibility.

All employees of the Council make a contribution toward achieving this objective and have a duty of care to take reasonable care of themselves and those affected by their actions or omissions.

The Council is committed to achieving a high standard of performance in health and safety.

Statutory duty and general duty of care are the basis upon which the Council’s health and safety commitment is built and form the absolute minimum standard to be achieved.

Resources will be made available for the purpose of health and safety provision and its management.

The Council recognises the importance of its employees in the formulating of health and safety policy and welcomes any comments or representations from them which will enable improved performance and/or standards in this respect.

Chairman: A Morgan
Dated: July 1996

Health & Safety Organisation (PDF document)